Well-being score

Measure your well-being and see how you can improve it. Well-being is our level of happiness, contentment in life. This tool uses WEMWBS (Warwick Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale), developed by Warwick & Edinburgh Universities. No personal data is held on this site. Entering your email address ensures you receive a copy. Come back again, and see how your score has changed.

Answer the following statements by scoring 1-5: the number that best describes your thoughts and feelings over the last two weeks. Add the points together to find your well-being score.


0 to 32 Your well-being score is very low.
32 to 40 Your well-being score is below average.
40 to 59 Your well-being score is average
59 to 70 Your well-being score is above average.

Take action: improve your well-being score. Follow the 5 ways to well-being:

  • Keep learning
  • Give
  • Connect with others
  • Be active
  • Take Notice

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